Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive when hiring the horsebox

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive when hiring the horsebox

What is your cancellation policy?
You are entitled to a full refund if the booking is cancelled more than 7 days away from the booked collection date. After this, £40 of the booking is non-refundable. We understand however that plans with horses change and therefore we are happy to move your booking to a new date free of charge at any point.

What documents do I need?
When hiring from us we will need to see your driving licence along with 2 proof of address that match the address on your driving licence. These can be bank statements, council tax bills, phone or utility bills or HMRC documents. These need to have been issued in the previous 90 days. We will also need a DVLA Check code, which you can get from https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

Valid documents:

Please note: Insurance documents and vets bills are not valid forms of identity, only the above are valid.

Will the horsebox come with a full tank of fuel?
The horsebox is always supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned with the tank refilled. Failure to refuel will incur a £20 refuelling charge, plus the cost of the fuel.

Can I collect the horsebox the night before?
Our prices are for a full 24 hour period, meaning that you can either collect the night before or drop off the next morning free of charge, depending on which suits your plans best.

How many miles can I travel?
We provide 300 miles per day hired as standard. Excess mileage is charged at 45p/mile.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
There is a £250 security deposit on the horsebox which is paid when collecting. This is used to charge refilling or excess mileage costs.
The deposit is pre-authorised on a debit or credit card allowing us to do faster refunds when the horsebox is returned.

How many horses can I travel?
Our horsebox has stalling for 2 horses and has an unladen weight of 2558kg, meaning that it can legally carry up to 942kg.

How old do I need to be to hire?
Our comprehensive insurance covers drivers aged 23 to 75. You must have been driving for at least 2 years and you must have less than 6 penalty points.

Are the horseboxes cleaned?
We clean and disinfect the horse and human area of the horsebox after every hire meaning that you will always receive the lorry looking its best, whilst also knowing that no nasty germs are present.

How many drivers are included?
The prices shown are for 1 driver, if you'd like to add an additional driver this can be done at a small additional cost.

I need a horsebox in an emergency, can you help?
If you need a horsebox at very short notice please call us on 01278 630 898 and we will do our best to fit you in. Our online booking will only allow bookings made at least 48 hours beforehand.

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Travel in Luxury

Our 3.5 ton horseboxes are modern bespoke Bloomfields Professionals, ensuring that both horse and rider arrive at their destination in comfort and style.

Generous Mileage

To ensure that you can get to where you’re going without worrying about how far it is we give every hire a 300 mile per day allowance.


Not everyone can afford their own lorry or the stress involved in towing a trailer. Renting a recently built horsebox is cheaper than buying and maintaining your own.